Bioinformatics and Data Analysis

I am a biologist who slowly shifted
to the wonderful and intriguing world of data science

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About Me

Levitating around the world of biological science, in a bioinformatics space shuttle

I am a data scientist focused on Bioinformatics

After an undergraduate degree in biology that allowed to explore both the world of the ecology and computer science, I first decided to dive in the studies of population and our environment.

Only after realizing I wanted to focus more on the statistical part and the data analysis, I switched back to a Bioinformatics MSc.

Now doing a PhD at the Max Planck institute in Germany, I'm focusing on tools and software development for the analysis of ancient DNA metagenomics data.




Wetlab, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Microscopy, Ecology.


Scripting and analysis languages, web, and backend.


Teaching assistant for bachelor students in research education.


Descriptive statistics, theory of tests, machine learning.


Natural History Museum - CNRS
Research intern - Development of tools and pipelines for the analysis of ancient DNA metagenomics data.
Institut Pasteur
Research intern - Development of a tool in R Shiny for comparison of expression level in multi -omics data.
CRG Barcelona
Guest Researcher - Analysis of the human mouth's fungal mycobiome. Genome assembly and alignment, binning, and probe design.
Max Planck Institute of Leipzig
Research intern - Analysis of gene duplications in Neanderthal and Modern human genomes.
Guest Researcher - De novo assembly of Anacyclus pyrethrum chloroplast genome. Phylogeny of the Anacyclus genus, selection of new markers for (meta)barcoding.
Teaching assistant for a bootcamp on ecology, microbiology and molecular biology, for bachelor students, in the Petnica science center, in Serbia.
Teaching assistant for a bootcamp on thermodynamics for bachelor students.
University of Gdansk
Research intern - Molecular biology : expression of a human protein trough cloning in bacterial vectors and viruses of insects cells.
Editor in Chief - Editing a monthly web based journal on science popularization.
University of Nordland
Research intern - De novo assemblers comparison using Copepods transcriptomics data.